Laravel AliExpress Dropshipping

Laravel AliExpress Dropshipping module is a business model that allows the Admin to import products from the AliExpress. When a customer places an order from bagisto store, the product is shipped from the Aliexpress instead of the bagisto store.

Benefits of Dropshipping

Dropshipping is very easy because you don’t need to worry about warehouse management and shipment. You can start your business very quickly.


  • There should be a live URL, it will not work on local domain
  • You have to install the Laravel AliExpress Dropshipping chrome extension in your chrome browser.
  • Laravel AliExpress Dropshipping module is only support in Bagisto version 0.1.5 or higher.

Feature of Laravel AliExpress Dropshipping

  • Import AliExpress products from AliExpress into your selected channel.
  • Create a configurable product if possible otherwise, create a simple product.
  • Edit the product information(along with images) on the AliExpress website before importing to your store.
  • Update AliExpress order status from the AliExpress chrome extension.
  • Use the filter in the AliExpress Chrome extension for e-packet identification.
  • Import products from the AliExpress Product, Search and Category pages.
  • Shop URL verification while registering your Bagisto store URL.
  • Add Product Price Synchronization from AliExpress using cron.
  • Description of the product also gets import the same as AliExpress.
  • All the information regarding the product gets imported along with the product from the AliExpress website.
  • View all AliExpress Orders in a separate section.
  • Automated Order Process for the AliExpress Orders.

Installation of Laravel AliExpress Dropshipping Chrome Extension

You have to install Laravel AliExpress Dropshipping Extension in your chrome browser so that you can import products from AliExpress to Bagisto Shop. You can add chrome extension from here.


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Installation of laravel AliExpress Dropshipping

 After you have successfully downloaded the zip file of Laravel AliExpress Dropshipping,  unzip the zip folder then merge “packages” folders into the project root directory.


Goto config/app.php file then add the following line under ‘webkul packages’



Goto composer.json file inside the Bagisto root directory then add the following line under ‘psr-4

"Webkul\\\\Dropship\\\\": "packages/Webkul/Dropship"


Next, run these commands below to complete the setup in the Bagisto root directory.

composer dump-autoload
php artisan migrate
php artisan route:cache
php artisan vendor:publish (-> Press 0 and then press enter to publish all assets and configurations.)

Once the commands have executed successfully, you will see the Dropship Manager icon on the left-hand side in the menu bar.


Dropship Configuration

On the Admin Dashboard, click on Configure>>Dropship 



Above you will get settings to choose channel and locale. Based on that you can even change the configuration of the Dropshipping.


Let’s go through with the Configuration Settings one by one


User name

 You have to enter the username as a part of the credentials of AliExpress dropshipping.


Set the  Token so that you can enter this token to import product from AliExpress



  • Price:- Admin can set the price of the products imported from AliExpress.
  1. Same As AliExpress:- Admin can keep the price same as AliExpress
  2. Custom Price:- Admin can set the customized price
  3. Increase:- Means That admin can increase the price(%)
  4. Decrease:- Admin can also decrease the price(%)



 Admin can set the quantity of the products as imported.

  1. Same as AliExpress:- Admin can set the quantity same as AliExpress
  2. Custom Quantity:- You can set custom quantity as per your choice.

  • auto upgrade in bagisto

Auto Update

To automatically update the quantity and price of products imported from AliExpress, you can set the status as Yes or No respectively.

After successfully setting all configuration of the dropship manager you have to click on Save.

How To Import AliExpress Product To Bagisto

Go to the AliExpress Site then open the product as per choice. A blue icon will be visible on the product then you have to click on that icon from there you can easily import the AliExpress Product.

import aliexpress product

After clicking on the blue icon, you have to enter the Bagisto Store URL and click on Next. 


Next, you have to fill the username and token as provided in the Credentials section on the Bagisto admin panel and then click on submit.


After successfully submit, you will get a notification “Authenticated Successful“. Admin can edit in the product like name, images, specification, description etc while importing product from Aliexpress.


After successfully editing in the product, you have to click on submit. Therefore, you will get notification “Product imported successfully”


Admin Panel

Once you will get notification of product import successfully, you have to go to the Admin Panel  Dropship manager>>Products

product order in dropshipping

You can edit the product detail like name, images, price, description, category, etc from the backend.

How To Perform Order

Once the order is placed successfully on the front end, then you have to process the order to Aliexpress. Click Dropship Manager>>Orders>>Add to Cart

placed order in ALiexpress

Once you click on Add to cart, then you will be redirect to the AliExpress product review page. You have to enter the shipping information then click on Save and Ship to this Address

product review dropshipping

After then, you can edit your shipping information then review your order.


Next Section is the Payment Method, so you have to select the payment method then click on Confirm and Pay


That’s all for Laravel AliExpress Dropshipping, still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better


Current Product Version - 1.2.0

Supported Framework Version - Bagisto v1.2.0

By alex


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